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Capability Statements

At Planet Civil, our Capability Statements highlight our leadership in civil engineering. Explore our proficiency in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions across various projects, showcasing our expertise, advanced technologies, and commitment to excellence. Discover our diverse skill set and proven track record, shaping a sustainable future for communities worldwide.


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Concrete Infrastructure Works

• Demolition and Excavation Services

• Earthworks Services

• Kerb and Gutter, Layback Construction

• New Concrete Footpath Works Footpath

• Paving Works Footpath Restoration Works

• Vehicle Crossing Construction Tactile

Installation Pedestrian Ramp Construction

• Retaining Wall Construction Concrete Road

• Restoration Traffic Facilities Construction

• Concrete Roundabout

• Median Refugee Island Raised Pedestrian

• Threshold

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Stormwater Drainage System Service

• Kerb Inlet/ Junction Pits installation

• Bike Safe/ Pedestrian Safe Grate Installation

• Precast Concrete Lintel Installation

• Concrete RCP/ HD PVC Pipe Laying Works

• Concrete Pipe Encasement Construction

• Property Roof Water Connection

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Asphalt Infrastructure Services

• Asphalt Road Restoration Works

• Stabilisation

• Road Pavement Drainage

• Asphalt Deep Lift and Heavy Patch Work

• Asphalt Footpath Asphalt Speed Hump Road

• Pavement Improvement Using Geogrid tensor

• Asphalt Road Milling/ Profiling Asphalt Road Paving Works

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Other Services

• Traffic Control Services

• Pavement Line Marking Services

• Traffic Signs installation

• Landscape Works and Maintenance

• Strata Vault Tree Root Cell Installation

• Garden Bed Construction

• Pedestrian Handrail Installation

• Traffic Control Signal Installation/ Upgrade

• RMS Safety/ Guard Rail Installation

• Street Furniture (Seats, concrete seats and Bin Enclosure) Installation

• Timber Decking Installation/ Repair Works

• Telstra pits (Asbestos Removal & Replacement, Pits level adjustment)

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