• Ridge Street Cycleway

    Construction of stormwater drainage| 250m pipe laying & 22 pits, 68m ACO trench drain, upgrade traffic signal, kerb and gutter cycleway asphalt pavement, reinforced concrete footpath, raised pedestrian threshold, landscaping works including garden beds, concrete seats, bollards and filtapave on tree pits.

  • Bannerman Street Cycleway

    Construction of 10R roundabout, median, kerb seperation and landscape island, stormwater drainage, Kerb and Gutter, footpath, asphalt paving, traffic signs and linemarking and landscape work including garden bed and planting shrubs and laying turf

  • Pedestrian Safety Improvement - South Terrace

    Construction of Foot paving, concrete and asphalt footpath, kerb ramp, garden bed,
    median refugee island, tactile, asphalt resurfacing, speed ramp, tree pit with tree guard, installation of Strata vault cell for
    tree pit, pedestrian guard rails, bollards, linemarking, traffic signs with posts, trees, shrubs and turf, and maintenance of
    landscape work.

  • Roundabout - Moncur and Wallis Streets

    Construction of concrete roundabout, median island, kerb ramp, adjusting service covers, asphalt footpath and Road milling and resheeting AC10, traffic signs and linemarking works

  • Roundabout - Homebush Road

    Construction of roundabout, concrete footpath, refuge median island, asphalt milling and laying, installation of line marking, traffic signs with posts, turf, and maintenance of landscape work.

  • Drainage Works at Yungaburra Road Villawood

    Construction of stormwater pits, pipes, lintels and bike safe grate, kerb and gutter, kerb ramp, vehicle crossing, installation of

    top soil and laying turf


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